Arzen’s Policy

  • Maintain a safe and healthy workplace for all employees in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • Promote a positive attitude towards safety.
  • Establish safety and health objectives for all levels of management and employees.

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ARZEN ENGINEERING PLC, warmly welcomes you to the Company’s web site.
Our company has become among the best growing companies in the field of Consultancy, Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Electromechanical Projects. Backed by a strong management team and skilled man power that strive for the satisfaction of customers, the company is pride in declaring that the projects handled by its management till date, are completed successfully, timely and utmost satisfaction of our clients.
ARZEN is heading to the top by technically supporting the different manufacturing sectors that have a potential in leading the development of our country.
With a strong vision and commitment our company has so far served its customers with quality and to their satisfactions.
In today’s busy world, where people have to rush to take care of their needs, we at ARZEN ENGINEERING PLC will look after your basic needs and interests.
ARZEN is not only just a company but also it is a place where you are better served, where you will be offered extra choices, where loyalty and your satisfaction is a priority.

We are different because

Arzen Engineering is best known for its technical consultancy and supply of complete industrial manufacturing machinery. We provide complete service including technical investment consultancy,machinery sort out,importing machinery,installation and commissioning supervision.
  • We test the whole machinery before importing and installing every machinery.
  • We arrange and supervise staffing and shipment of the goods on time.
  • We arrange and supervise the installation and commissioning of the machinery on the local site.
  • we arrange and support the after sales service and mange the continuous supply of spare parts on demand.

Our Services


supply of machineries

We are constantly working on the further supply ... Read more

Search manufacturers

Search proper manufacturers and communicate ... Read more

communicate manufacturers

Communicate and advise manufacturers to prepare ... Read more

Technical consultancy

Give technical consultancy depending on the given ... Read more

prepare workshop

Prepare complete workshop layout of the company.

Installation and testing

Provide complete services, installation and testing the whole plant.

Technical Support

Giving technical support, installation, testing, ... Read more

free-duty arrangement

Analyze the duty-free arrangement, shipment ... Read more
We never stop our steps to
pursue better quality and solution

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Milk Production Line


Food Processing Production


Flour Production Line